Monday, May 06, 2024

New sounds: 6/5/24

Gemma Cullingford - Early Hours
This drifting twinkliness that sounds like an even more David Lynchian Broadcast actually came out in February but features on The Komiza Project EP, originally a Record Store Day release of songs written for previous band Kozima that sountracks Home, her 25 minute short film comprising Super-8 footage of her parents.

Knitting Circle - Dance For Peace
The first single by the new project of Milky Wimpshake's Pete Dale, also featuring members of Crumbs, Red Monkey and No Fit State, is two minutes of taut, sharp pointed post-punk about behaviour by certain men at gigs.

Lilith Ai - Riot! Riot! Revolution
Lilith's urgent call to arms signature tune was originally released in 2016 but has been buffed up for Serial Killers Prefer Blondes, out 13th September.

Mouse Teeth - The Original Of Laura
From the Ten Of Swords EP, Nancy Dawkins' uncomfortable ritualistic scab-picking of spoken word/art-rock, a visceral take on of abusers of power.

Neutrals - That's Him On The Daft Stuff Again
Based in Oakland, California but you'd never guess it from Allan McNaughton's voice, 30+ years in America having seemingly done little to affect his Glaswegian accent or indeed the very un-Bay Area use of 'daft' in the title. (To cement the home away from home feel, their forthcoming second album New Town Dream - May 31st on Slumberland Records - is based around life in those utopian developmental ideals and features a track called Steven Proctor, Bus Conductor) There's something of that city's fabled indie scene in their chiming scrappiness of their agit-post-punk with classic power-pop melody.

Orlando Weeks feat. Rhian Teasdale - Dig
He used to front the Maccabees, she still fronts Wet Leg, together they have a conversational argument in harmony amid ripping piano and synth loops and motorik beats.

The WAEVE - City Lights
Whether it's because of Graham Coxon going back to his other job for the best part of a year, James Ford coming in to produce or whatever but his guitar and the synths sound a lot more like Blur's skronkier moments than what he and Rose Elinor Dougall did on last year's debut album, taking on a Scary Monsters takes to the widescreen indie-dancefloor vibe.

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