Thursday, May 02, 2024

New sounds: 2/5/24

adults - trouble
Streamlined power-pop leading into a fists-aloft chorus and out within 127 seconds, from the upcoming .​.​.​in the big league split EP with Spank Hair.

Adwaith - MWY
Both albums to date by Carmarthen's finest have won the Welsh Music Prize. No pressure, then, for the upcoming as yet unannounced third. They meet it head on with a building limber groove, a burbling undertow and a dark circling chant.

Cowtown - Can't Talk Now
Leeds' long-serving angular post-punk trio are about to release their first album in eight years, Fear Of... out right at the end of this month, and they sound almost calm by their previous jerky post-Devo standards. By which we mean this is more Talking Heads range in its below surface level instability - reflected lyrically as well as rhythmically - and insistent riffs.

Fold Paper - Nothing to Report
It's been a while since we've heard a band who are right out on the hyperactive sonic edge of this whole angular thing, and Winnipeg's Fold Paper fill that gap very neatly. Which is odd, as neat is the one thing they shy away from what with wiry (and Wire-y) guitars, No Wave arrythmia and the declamatory vocal style of Chell Osuntade, all seemingly held together with bungee ropes. They're arriving in the UK for a few dates next week, starting with our favourite haunt Focus Wales, from which we always come away excited about a new Canadian discovery...

Hamish Hawk - Big Cat Tattoos
Edinburgh's eruditely idiosyncratic iron fist in velvet glove previews new album A Firmer Hand, due 16th August.

Loveletter - Prophets
Loveletter are from New York, but who isn't? They have a debut EP, Testament, out on 7th June, from which comes a song which after the Be My Baby drum intro fakeout takes quite a bit from Sleater-Kinney, not least Gabriella Zappia sounding quite a lot like Corin Tucker, but there's something else going on from a generation of female post-punks before them, specifically the groove of the Mo-Dettes and the tightrope interplay of the Raincoats.

nathy sg - Something You Said
Him off Martha again with... well, if we're honest the most like Martha one of his solo tracks has sounded. Touring towards the end of the month. Oh, and this is what was under that headgear all this time! (Nothing. It's nothing.)

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