Thursday, May 30, 2024

New sounds: 30/5/24

Julia-Sophie - Numb
Julia-Sophie Walker fronted turn of the 2010s Oxford-based garage rock band Little Fish and went on to Candy Says, who you have even less chance of having heard of. None of that background in any way whatsoever guides you towards the sound of her new single following three EPs since 2020, in which claustrophobically, hypnotically building layers through propulsive Moroder/house-like electronics and synth pads, unsettlingly intimate spoken semi-whispers and detached singing of no small amount of internalised pain up to conversational voices glitching out at the end. This is special, as may be debut album Forgive Too Slow, out on July 26th.

Okay Kaya – The Groke
Kaya Wilkins by name, born in New Jersey, raised just outside Oslo, three albums behind her, recording this first new material in a couple of years in -25C conditions on a small island. Not that it sounds like it at all, being a quite thrilling combination of strutting R&B rhythm, funk bassline, dramatic strings and alt-pop chorus based on climate change and named after the character from The Moomins who freezes the ground they stand on.

And some people we've featured recently enough for you to already know about them...

Jen Cloher - Annabelle

mary in the junkyard - goop

Mike Lindsay & Anna B Savage - Pretender To Surrender

My Best Unbeaten Brother - Extraordinary Times

nathy sg - Ryan Write Me A Poem

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Frogs

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