Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Set lists

As is traditional, tomorrow STN enters its end of year phase with the long count towards our album of the year. That also means, with the festive season fast approaching, A Very Sweeping Christmas is back online, and for the first time all four volumes are compressed into one downloadable file. Last year's Spotify companion, Sweeping The Pine Needles, is back too.

What we'd also like to draw your attention to is a set of Spotify collaborative playlist versions of our old Covermount downloads, which you are free to add related tracks to as you see fit:

  • List songs

  • Songs that use the Be My Baby drumbeat

  • Songs about a love of music

  • Songs about hatred of music

  • Songs about famous people

  • Songs about other musicians

  • Songs about sport

  • Songs based on talking

  • Songs about London
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