Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Kite - Montreal

Since chancing across Daniel Fisher's demos in April we've been eager to see what became of the "nervy composure" shown therein. In fact the first single is more filled out (not unreasonably, there's a full band now) and faster than those tracks suggested but still feels like it could have a mental collapse at any moment. Huge hooks and an enormous rush are willing hallmarks of a band who are far more considered and ungainly patterned in the detail while retaining the radio-happy pace of any number of hyped New Guitar Bands For 2012. (NB. if it all goes horribly wrong and they turn into a Vaccines manque, pretend this never existed)

Red Kite - Montreal by Red Kite_Band

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Guillaume said...

Montreal is my village! I love this song just because of this.