Monday, November 07, 2011

Islet - This Fortune

It begins with a lot of frantic percussion, Sister Ray hums and cymbal taps, because that's what Islet do. Then it richochets down the rabbit hole into an endless tunnel of motorik monstrosity where becalmed moments are set adrift in forests of distorted organ and syncopated rimshots. Before we're out the other end there's ghostly, ritualistic vocals, relocation of the offbeat and some severe synapse frazzlement. This is your mighty first taste of Illuminated People, out 23rd January, which can also be downloaded free from here and will also be available on a 7" available on this month's tour, more of which after the embed.

ISLET // This Fortune by TheArtOf...

Last we saw they've trimmed down from two drumkits to one plus some standalone toms, but you're still liable to be in grave danger of marauding band members. Dates:

11th Manchester Deaf Institute
12th Leeds Constellations Festival*
13th Nottingham Bodega**
14th Norwich Arts Centre
15th Brighton Green Door Store
16th London Lexington
17th Cambridge Portland Arms
23rd Cardiff Buffalo

* Which looks ace, though it turns out they clash with Summer Camp
** Ridiculous night for STN-approved Midlands gigs, that, what with Johnny Foreigner vs Birmingham and Standard Fare in Leicester too

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