Friday, March 05, 2010

Get your Rocks off

We appreciate this isn't the most pressing matter concerning British music broadcasting at this present moment, but it cannot pass without comment.

MTV2, bludgeoned over the years as it has been from heavily eclectic see-what-stickathon to Viewer's Choice adorned brouhaha to, oh, put some guitars on it and see what happens, has been renamed.



Of course MTV2's not been worth bothering with at all for a while, since 120 Minutes was taken off air apparently as a cost cutting measure, because cueing up two hours of videos at 1am was singlehandedly ruining the balance of trade. Zane Lowe's Gonzo, already long passed into for the sake of it cutting and editing with bells and whistles, is also going to be Loweless after its current run, so now you have the same channel as every other guitar-based slot. (Not counting the moment when NME TV seemingly thinks Mini Viva are as alternative as they come)

They might as well have called it MTV REAL MUSIC.

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