Friday, January 24, 2014

Round-up II: Elephant, Free Swim, Department M, Radstewart

Elephant - Elusive Youth

If it feels like we've been waiting ages for Elephant to get round to an album... we have, their first single came out two and a half years ago. Sky Swimming is that long player, out 28th April. Elusive Youth was one of the demos that got them attention in the first place, a sighing modernist Brill Building confection that fits snugly between Summer Camp and Cults, neatly enough line-up demographic wise, and just below Camera Obscura, with whom they don't.

Free Swim - Transatlantic Tumnus

After his Android Angel sojourn Paul Coltofeanu is back with the band. They're cagey about where this track is from but it's a roar back to life, a landslide of imagery and a soupcon of satire amid a rush of guitars that sounds a bit to us like the intro to the Specials' Little Bitch, except it then becomes a charging garage rocker.

Department M - Miscellany

Apparently Owen Brinley had an album out at the end of 2013 which we missed, but luckily he's putting this from it out as a single. It seems more redolent of his previous life in Grammatics than what we've heard before of this project, brooding and stewing in its own self-doubt, then turning electronic, bass attack mode tail and ramping up the oppressive atmosphere just to make sure.

Radstewart - Garage Faery

What's already looking like 2014's hardest working support band - Mowbird next month and Johnny Foreigner in March following last year's tour with Sky Larkin, all of which seems as quick and easy a way to become adored by STN as any - have supplied this to a four artist-way split 12" brought into life by the combined efforts of Art Is Hard and Reeks Of Effort, two small labels with better RBIs than most to date. Usual deal: discordant shambling, cynical wordplay around hipsterdom angst, wide knowledge of Slanted And Enchanted, strangely charming for all that.

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