Monday, January 06, 2014

And we start again

Having expounded the virtues of always writing in detail about new songs, here's a quick whip through the best of the load of new songs that have emerged in just the last few weeks.

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - I Wanted You

Brinks is André Herman Dune, founder member of, well, Herman Dune; the Wave Pictures are, um, the Wave Pictures. Their second collaborative album Gin is out 3rd March. It is, of course, quite winsome on one side and solo-ey on the other.

Rick Redbeard - Flow Like Unicorms

Having bared his soul to some effect on last year's album No Selfish Heart, Rick Anthony lets go another song from his past, a poignant spoken confessional on ageing.

Gorgeous Bully - Sinking Feeling

This is echoey and soul-baring too, but in a highly contrasting, noisier way. Gorgeous Bully is Thomas Crang, based in Manchester after a Devon and Cornwall existence, crafting lo-fi misery into compact power pop into an EP, Nobody Hates You As Much As You Hate Yourself, out 17th February via the ever reliable Art Is Hard.

Eugene Quell - Weird Purr

Working behind one of those biogs that leads you to assume it's someone relaunching themselves, a misery-flecked bedroom electric strum owing something to Lou Barlow and such increasingly common early 90s slacker reference points, being pulled astray by noises. An EP is name your price here.

Fickle Friends - Swim

You almost don't need to be told about this given it's had 33,000 plays in four days, so on point are the Brighton outfit in finding a mid-point between Friends' rhythmic Tom Tom Club channelling and early Summer Camp-flavoured postmodern 80s revivalism.

Is Tropical & Rose Elinor Dougall - When I'm With You

And finally, the art-electro party ranksters and the doyenne of synth-indie come together on a Sparks cover.

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