Monday, February 24, 2014

What we've missed

One of those increasingly common sprints through some recent arrivals, we're afraid.

Bis - Rulers And The States

THIRTYSOMETHING-C NATION! Having played the odd gig over the last few years they're back to their electropunk prime with a cut from a sort-of-new album, a compilation of tracks from their mid-00s Data Panik incarnation and recordings for an aborted fourth album entitled data Panik etcetera.

JUNGLE. - Busy Earnin'

The former Jungle are newly signed to XL and come on jam-ready, leavening their London TVOTR reputation with some of those 80s synth grooves you hear so much about these days. How many of the people in this photo are really in the band, do you reckon?

Papercuts - Still Knocking At The Door

Ornate, insistent hazy psych warmth from Jason Quever's project, which releases new album Life Among The Savages in May.

Mega Emotion - City In Shapes

Dark 8-bit electro-disco by the Norwich trio, caught between retro synthpop and upending same with jagged noisy edges, all from the Fake Feelings EP, out April 15th.

Pastel Colours - She Can't Decide

Another one to file alongside the oncoming hordes of woozy garage-psych travellers, the Falmouth outfit's contribution to Art Is Hard's Pizza Club may be for you if you like Telegram but aren't willing to countenance their supporting Miles Kane on tour.

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