Friday, December 28, 2012

STN Albums Of The Year 3

3 Allo Darlin' - Europe
Less specific both in place and genre than their debut, this second album pivots on two broad topics: the uncertain feeling of separation from a loved one and the redemptive power of music, preferably relating the latter to the memory of the former. In both parts it feels entirely believable as a result of the more nuanced detail that's developed into Elizabeth Morris' lyric writing, harnessing the experiences gained while touring that first record into a persona that's prone to vulnerability but at heart believes in love over all, at least two songs synthesising the idea of being separated by geography. Musically for the most part it feels beefier (except for the ukelele-only touchingly personal centrepiece Tallulah), not at all a reaction against but a suggestion of pushing on from the scene they came from. A romantic crust to a core of bittersweet thoughts eventually giving way to optimism settled in an ideal world.

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