Friday, August 03, 2012

PAWS - Jellyfish/Miss American Bookworm

Two bracing blasts of mid-fi noise pop, the former a single out this week, the latter a mere album track, from the Glaswegian trio who are newly signed to Fat Cat. Oft supported by avatars of quality Song, By Toad, the former track is a nasty, muscular rolling surf/skate whipsmart cut, while the latter shifts from coasting West Coast-influenced distorted fuzzy indie rock to Sonic Youth/No Age-ish melodic freakouts not exactly so much imperceptibly as with a great squeal and cloud of tyre smoke. Both harbour energy and ferocity to spare. Both will be on debut album Cokefloat!, out October 1st and produced by knob twiddler of increasing distinction Rory Attwell (Evans The Death, Veronica Falls, Yuck, studio on a boat)

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