Saturday, October 02, 2010

Playlist additions 2/10/10

  • Brian Eno - 2 Forms Of Anger [Soundcloud]
    We're always one step behind him, he's Brian Eno. And here he's sounding like rough Warp bleeping (which is funny, as the album this will be on is released through Warp) being infected by a great big wall of sheet metal guitar. Fascinating stuff in the context of new Eno.

  • Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. featuring Alex Greenwald and Rose Elinor Dougall - The Night Last Night [live YouTube] [Spotify]
    Thirteen words in the artist name! Good work. The Record Collection press release says Ronson wanted this to have the same air as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons' Beggin', which in its own way you can kind of see in the electro-soul backing, Greenwald's multitracked vocals and, yes, a big old Dougall bitten but unbowed vocal, which like most of her work on the album seems pasted in from a different backing altogether.

  • Prinzhorn Dance School - Seed, Crop, Harvest [free download (requires email address)] [Soundcloud]
    When they were first around three years ago the DFA-signed duo stuck to a clean template - sparseness, bass, drums, shouted non-sequiturs, clear knowledge of The Fall. Their first new material since that album kind of cleaves to that, only more crisp, more vocally restrained and with a great big dissonant guitar sound in the middle.

  • Shrag - Rabbit Kids [Myspace] [YouTube] [Spotify]
    Naggingly familiar chorus, a newfound post-Long Blondes directness significantly less yelpy than before. This single actually came out in December, but its attendant album Life! Death! Prizes! is out in a couple of weeks, hence the new video.

  • Talons - Peter Pan [Myspace] [Soundcloud]
    Our first taste of album Hollow Realm, it barrells along like an articulated lorry of post-hardcore, the spiking of the riffs pulled into the murk by the attack violins. It's instrumental post-rock, you have to write like this.
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