Monday, October 25, 2010

Making the Effort

Free download album of the week recommendation - a very shortlived feature, you'll appreciate - is by The Japanese War Effort, the trading name of Martin Moog, except that's not his real name either, that's James Scott. Oh man, it's Giant Haystacks all over again.

Anyway. Formerly based in Edinburgh, and also half of Conquering Animal Sound, the act nobody abbreviates to JWE's Sings Of A Dear Green Place is a concept album about moving to Glasgow through the medium of glitched up ambient pop with a dark heart, full of crackles, lo-fi electronics and beats and general atmospheric shades of light drone. There's a track called I Hate Glasgow, loosely inspired by Ballboy's I Hate Scotland and ending with a subversion of an old recording of I Belong To Glasgow. Fuzzy, hazy and, despite its confused sentiments, almost lovely.

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