Saturday, August 28, 2010

Playlist additions 28/8/10

  • A Classic Education - Gone To Sea [Myspace] [mp3 via The Fader] [Vimeo]
    "They have gathered praise and hype from some of the most respected music blogs and websites in the world such as The Torture Garden, Drowned In Sound, Sixeyes, Chromewaves, Music Slut, Song By Toad, Sweeping The Nation, 17 Seconds, The Daily Growl, MBV, Brooklyn Vegan etc." BEFORE BROOKLYN VEGAN! Have that, world! Erm... this is the free track from a new EP, less string-laden grandiose than previous singles, more immediately concerned with introducing Modest Mouse to British Sea Power to see if they get along. That same press release claims the band have "been going for just under two years", then a paragraph later mentions their appearance at Indietracks more than two years ago.

  • Beach House - White Moon [Soundcloud]
    The one new track from an iTunes session of reworkings that sounds much as Beach House do - twinkling keyboards, insistent drum machine effect, atmospheric guitar, drawing-in androgynous vocals

  • Broken Records - A Leaving Song [Myspace]
    The first band from the Edinburgh wave to hit our critical wall, Broken Records' second album is out in October with this track available for the price of an email address. It sounds grand, Jamie Sutherland emotes and it tackles big themes. Business as usual, then.

  • Esben And The Witch - Marching Song [Myspace] [YouTube]
    Matador's first British signing in six years, there's a gothic unwaveringness about their take on mythologically unsound crashing waves of guitar noise and electronic undertow, like Beach House gone badly to seed at the hands of Geoff Barrow.

  • Everything Everything - QWERTY Finger [Myspace] [live YouTube]
    From a monumentally ambitious album out in two days' time and currently streaming in full on Myspace, a rush of panicked harmonies, pulsing synths, racing rhythms and Jonathan Everything's wayward falsetto

  • Ice, Sea, Dead People - Grean Tee [Myspace] [YouTube]
    Now that two and a half minutes of splintering art-fuzz discord is worthwile enough, but get this; they're inviting you, yes, you, to add whatever background you like to the video via this handy competition.

  • King Post Kitsch - Walking On Eggshells [Myspace] [Vimeo] [Bandcamp free EP download]
    Glaswegian exile who plans to release an album on Song By Toad next year makes a good start with a lead track that sounds like Ray Davies fronting The Voluntary Butler Scheme, and then for the rest of the EP turns into Dean Wareham.

  • Rose Elinor Dougall - Third Attempt [Myspace] [live YouTube]
    Different to the version that's been freely available for download, the album's most successful merging of Broadcast airy keys, English folk stylings and lyrical insecurity. Again, the whole album is on Myspace if you're quick.

    ASIDE: This isn't the video for that, it's the clip for Carry On, which is chiefly worth highlighting because it appears to have cast Rose's brother as her love interest. If we'd caught that subtext our view of the album and its songs about obsessional desire and love going wrong would have been quite, quite different.

  • Spring Offensive - The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters [free download] [Myspace (part one only)] [Soundcloud]
    Less a song, more a five track EP in one go, thirteen minutes plus of expansively ambitious literate art-alt based on the grief cycle.

  • Still Corners - Wish [Myspace] [Vimeo]
    Lots of very vague music, in the best sense of the term (there is one), around at the moment. Increasingly regular visitors to these pages, this is part of a new double A side, in its sub-two minute Mazzy Star floaty beauty.
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