Monday, August 02, 2010

Ladies' day

A note about a tremendous album we've slept on for far too long for general backlog/event/laziness reasons, and one available at an always useful charge of whatever you want. The Sound Of The Ladies is the misleading name behind which lurks Martin Austwick, who we did think we'd discovered as a hitherto obscure songwriting semi-genius but turns out to be Martin the Sound Man off the Answer Me This! podcast and a sometime sideman to Robin Ince and Josie Long, all of which presumably means he never wants to see the inside of a charity book shop ever again.

Anyway. His album is called We Went To The Bottom Of The Ocean, and as you can see it's only currently available via Bandcamp, with a very limited physical run through his website from a week on Wednesday. Vocals and guitar only for the most part in the style that would once have been called anti-folk, he's a very acute writer loosely in the path of a Ben Parker or Paul Hawkins, poetically wry, acutely melancholic and wrapped up in a certain amount of regret and longing, with an uncommonly for that sort of solo bloke with guitar and issues properly emotive voice.


<a href="">What we did with our lives by The Sound of The Ladies</a>

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