Saturday, August 14, 2010

Playlist additions 14/8/10

  • !!! - The Most Certain Sure [YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    Another one of those sprawling long-form tracks !!! do where it starts as post-modern retro-futurist percussive funk, very Berlin in execution, then turns into something decidedly darker, here bringing in the dub and electronics for a spin before sending Nic Offer into a cage of reverb. New album Strange Weather, Isn't It? is out a week on Monday.

  • Clinic - I'm Aware [YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    Well, this isn't the Clinic sound we've come to know off by heart over the last twelve years. In fact it's quite leisurely with its strings and and Zombies-like psychedelic, fitting Pete 'Super Furries animalistic man' Fowler's video treatment.

  • Dog Is Dead - Young [Myspace]
    The phrase 'British Vampire Weekend' has, according to Google, been scattergraphed across new bands over the last year or two regardless of true accuracy (Bombay Bicycle Club, Swanton Bombs, Little Comets, the Crookes, even Foals according to the Independent). On their second single the hi-fret guitars, sax breaks and offbeat drumming suggests Dog Is Dead are aiming for it more than most, but equally there's multi-part harmonies switching on and off and odd new wave-y stuff Andy Partridge would recognise.

  • Foals - Spanish Sahara [Myspace] [YouTube] [Spotify]
    Arctic speed burning centrepiece of Total Life Forever and the first thing anyone outside the band's coterie heard of it, a demonstration that they intended being around and being flexible for a while yet.

  • Gabby Young And Other Animals - We're All In This Together [Myspace] [YouTube] [Spotify]
    Young definitely sounds a lot like someone we can't place. We know that's a bit open ended, but you'll hear what we mean - any suggestions? As for the song, it's a tenderised slow burner that snuggles under your folky skin at the earliest opportunity.

  • I Am Kloot - Proof [Myspace] [YouTube] [Spotify]
    The new single, a re-recorded version of an old single for the new album, featuring the old video re-edited with the new version. Although ditching the Christopher Eccleston one-shot video that was nearly more famous than the band at the time would have been a folly, true.

  • No Age — Glitter [mp3 via P4K] [Soundcloud]
    First sighting of Dean and Randy's new works, from third album Everything In Between, starts with a glam beat, devolves into as pop a melody as they've ever come up with, and then slathers it liberally in feedback. Good work.

  • Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - I'm In Love With A Hospital Receptionist [Myspace] [Soundcloud] [Spotify]
    Can't sleep, mum, raspy man's going to get me. Love in the time of hypochondria, out as a single on Monday for free download from

  • Shoes And Socks Off - Throwing Opinions At Walls [YouTube]
    We mentioned the other week that videos had been made for all the tracks from Tobias' new album Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have-Not. This at the moment is our favourite of the set, directed by lush violins, leavened by bruised anger and videotracked by The Young Ones.

  • Summer Camp - Jake Ryan [Soundcloud]
    Britain's premiere Johnhugheswave duo - hell, this song's named after, and possibly a tribute to, the main male character in Sixteen Candles - bliss out and lay on the synthesised handclaps and possibly the year's most unlikely placed distorted guitar solo. It's off the Young EP, the best of what they've been up to so far, out September 6th. Oh, and here's the Round The Moon video. We doubt that was specially shot.

  • Wap Wap Wow - The Round [Myspace] [mp3 via Pinglewood]
    When we enthused about them a couple of weeks ago we didn't have any mp3s to hand. We have now, and this one's a looped belter.

  • White Russia - Charmless State [Myspace] [YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    Can't work out whether it's more swimming under the influence of Natasha Khan or Jesca Hoop, but it's definitely in that ballpark marked 'other, mild quirk'. Then the malfunctioning laptop fuzz enters and things get really fascinating.

    Well, it's obvious what Previously Playlisted Video Of The Week will be, isn't it? Caution: NSFW. Also pretty NSFH.

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