Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekender : a Paul Coia quiz show about hills

FREE MUSIC: One of the bands we did come to fresh and enjoy at last weekend's Indietracks was Stockholm's Robert Church and The Holy Community. Compatriots The Radio Dept are probably the nearest contemporary comparison we can come up with for their lo-fi resetting of 1988-vintage indie with pop choruses. They have a couple of singles out domestically, one of which contains Steve.

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: Glasgow's Make Model, featuring the former leader of the much-admired Fickle Public, have, as well as a good number of notable festivals, in the last few months supported both Do Make Say Think and Tiny Dancers, which demonstrates the breadth of their sound if nothing else. There's elements of both indiepop and post-rock tied together and jumbled around a bit, not unlike Broken Social Scene or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at their most inscrutable. Only two tracks and a remix of one of those uploaded, though? There's industrial strength dryers at work on that powder.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: With all that post-punk recalibration stuff coming back in altered forms, it's worth catching up with shortlived scene leaders and always one of its most intriguing bands, Josef K. Super-8 magic brings us some sort of contemporary video for Chance Meeting, while from televisual parts unknown come Sorry For Laughing filtered through the magic of CSO on some sort of gel.

VIRAL MARKETING: Thing about Super Furry Animals' Hey! Venus album is that while it's probably the second worse album of their eight LP career, and even they acknowledge Love Kraft was undercooked, it's still better than most bands' best. With that in mind, from their Cardiff preview gigs come Show Your Hand, The Gift and Neo Consumer.

FALLING OFF A BLOG: "Turn The Page is without self-entitling itself as so an 'entertainment blog' or at least that is our aim". Fair enough. In there at the moment are a Swedish smorgasbord (ha!), Example, a disturbing club remix of Sufjan, Stuart James and a Potter book review.

EVERYBODY GET RANDOM: Musicisart is also an mp3 blog, but not like many others you've seen. Again, let's borrow their own modus operandi statement: "words, music and art complete one another. the mission of musicisart is to show how passion creates feeling and to share on the meaning. old and new intelligent selections always inspire will forever include uncensored thoughts, music expressions, intense details to demonstrate sincere and grateful appreciation."

IN OTHER NEWS: Direct from our New Friends Request box, Love Goes On! A Tribute to Grant McLennan is an all-star tribute album to the late Go-Between featuring a damn impressive line-up including Stars, Luke Haines, Trembling Blue Stars, Ed Kuepper (The Saints), The Orchids, The Clientele, Phil Wilson (the June Brides) and Portastatic. That there Myspace features some of the above, which is handy as there's no concrete release date yet, although it's notable everyone concerned is wisely steering well clear of Cattle And Cane.


Joshua Lachkovic said...

Thanks for featuring us in your 'falling off a blog' section. Here you have a interesting blog that I previously hadn't come across.

Josh [turnthepage]

The Daily Growl said...

is that a sly Armando Ianucci reference I see?

Anonymous said...

RE: Make model...

The former leader of fickle public?

You mean the former drummer more like!

Anonymous said...

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