Thursday, August 09, 2007

Simon - de Montfort

All this time and that title had never occured to us before.

So we're off for the next few days to Summer Sundae festival almost just down the road, as previewed on Corporate Anthems over the past three days, and preceded by a Fringe Festival Warm-Up show we'll be reporting back from in the other places we report back to. Don't forget, should you see us in the area come up to us and say "you are Kolly Kibber and I claim my five pounds". You might like to catch up with our reports back from De Montfort Hall and Gardens from 2005 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and 2006 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Who knows what'll happen, although it's fair to say little will be as chaotically magnificent as British Sea Power's Ursine Ultra-aided go at traditional set closer Rock In A two years ago:

This means the weekend business is put on hold again, but if you can't live without knowing what's out on Monday 13th here's a quick look. Necessarily quick because the record labels of the nation have obligingly arranged for next to bugger all of interest to be released. Seriously, BPI, you didn't have to. Only two new long players are really worth your time, the better being the debut by Monster Bobby, a "musical activist" of the Brighton scene whose club nights and promotions helped launch many a local band into the indie stratosphere (including the aforementioned BSP) before deciding he might as well have a go himself and instigating the Pipettes, who are conspicuously not mentioned in any of the official press (although Hugh from the Kooks' delightful description of him as "a bit of a spazzer" is) for Gaps, which resembles the sort of overloaded offbeat yearnsome electropop that might occur should the Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars' Bob Wratten have an album produced by Delia Derbyshire. See what we mean from Spin's free mp3 giveaway of Beyond The Reach of Arms. If Bob Wratten and Isobel Campbell had got together they might have sounded like Monkey Swallows The Universe's The Casket Letters, wherein the occasional Long Blondes, Camera Obscura and Richard Hawley support make like lyrically twisted, further minded elder siblings of Sarah Records refugees. Definitely one for the Obscuraites. Singles? Again, slim pickings, including weaker than usual comebacks for Super Furry Animals (Show Your Hand) and Rilo Kiley (The Moneymaker) and Kanye West's latest grower Stronger, but mostly a limited edition 7" debut from The Hatcham Social, the Tim Burgess-produced Till The Dawn/Penelope sounding like C86 Primal Scream on Postcard Records with the tweeness surgically removed.

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