Friday, August 24, 2007

In new music we tryst

So with Corporate Anthems not really doing much and midweek things being slow around this end we thought we'd re-amalgamate the two and, as we have a stack of new stuff to post, do mp3 posts every now and again, when something of interest crops up. Fine by you?

First, M.I.A. It's interesting to note that, for all of Arular's column inches, controversy, blog posting, discourse and general hoopla, neither it nor any of its singles made their respective format UK top 75s. Kala should change that at least but at the moment it only looks set to scrape the top 40, which is an interesting reflection on someone who enjoys/endures such a critical profile, this album being lauded with hosannahs pretty much across the board last week. This one samples one of our three favourite Clash songs and is one of three tracks on the album touched by the baile hands of Diplo.

M.I.A - Paper Planes
From Kala

Miracle Fortress is from Montreal, but then so is everyone these days. The alter ego of one Graham van Pelt, by day a member of fuzzpop outfit Think About Life, it's in the same Brian Wilson-appropriating ballpark as Panda Bear's lauded Person Pitch, sending the arrangements and harmonies even more spaced-out wayward, bringing in Kevin Shields' studio play, and there's essences too of White Album Beatles wooziness, Mercury Rev's calmness and and fellow travellers Stars. Amazon says it's released through Rough Trade on 24th September but our promo literally has that crossed out in marker pen and 'August 27th' written underneath, so mind how you go.

Miracle Fortress - Little Trees
From Five Roses

Finally, Leicester's Redcarsgofaster are leaving the world with a farewell gig at the Charlotte on September 8th. Their incendiary live show was, inevitably, never quite captured on their three singles but their Sonic Youth/Bloc Party/Ikara Colt-referencing wall of artnoise was pretty damn essential if you like that kind of thing. Guitarist Matt's valedictory blog post is well worth reading. This is a new track which we believe will be on an album they're selling at their last show.

Redcarsgofaster - Demagogues

More new stuff tomorrow.


David said...

i just noticed you posted that mp3. if only we were big on the blogosphere. we could have been the new tapes 'n tapes.

i apologise for being a bit preoccupied at that firebug gig. loading out is a hassle. it was nice to meet you, albeit briefly.

Anonymous said...

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