Sunday, April 09, 2006


It's ironic that on the day news is revealed of a girl band whose sole role will be to advertise goods and services - seriously, major labels, if you're not interested in music as a whole any more than wind up and go and work in PR - the reason why we're inured to this kind of thing re-emerges, as despite nobody taking much interest in the first series T4's Totally Frank returns. This is the girl band created for a comedy drama, not that we've seen much element of either yet, and while, as with Girls Aloud *, the unsubtleties of the setup can in some ways be diluted by the work put into them by Xenomania for their summer musical launch, it's worth witnessing the very essence of spur of the moment that makes pop music what it is in action by looking at their PR company's official biography ("drawn from their individual influences" - right). Check the quote from Judy Finnegan, wonder whether Phil Redmond shouldn't have his house set alight for creating Hollyoaks and leading to this kind of 'emotional' teen-focused stuff, and drummer Hayley Angel Wardle - so when Frank go legit are they going to use their real or character names? This could all get very confusing - bigs up her acting craeer, love of Joy Division and contains the line "she's more akin to being one of hell's angels!" but misses out the most intriguing personal detail of all. She's Jah Wobble's daughter! Suddenly John Lydon's property development sideline (and by the way, he's been helping launch Nordoff-Robins in New York, a tale including a chance meeting with Steve Jones and a summit with, of all people, Keith Emerson) looks like a natural progression.

* Could someone not have a word with ver Aloud about how, whenever they want to prove they're non-media trained free spirits, they do so by slagging off Simon Amstell? Not only is it very unendearing of them, but it's hardly giving them a connection to much of their fanbase.


Chris Brown said...

All kinds of questions raised by that Frank thing: Are they named after the Squeeze album or the Amy Winehouse one? Do they really think "Like it or not, Frank are going to be successful" really counts as an endorsement? Why are they hiding the attribution of that Sugar magazine quote in a footnote. Perhaps most importantly, does the name North And South mean nothing to them?

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