Saturday, April 01, 2006

An announcement

At last the purpose of Sweeping The Nation can be revealed. I am in fact Thom Yorke, and the reason why you've not had a Radiohead album for so long is because I've gone undercover as a wry music blogger as a secret means of fighting the tyrannies and, um, that. Oh, we're no good at April Fool-style comedy. Let's just stick up some comedically inclined songs instead.

Ivor Cutler - I'm Happy
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Trouser Press
The Massed Carnaby St. John Cooper Clarkes - The Day My Pad Went Mad
Vic Reeves - Vienna
The Shirehorses - A Girl Like You (Hiya)

(The Cutler back catalogue is surely due a full reissuing soon, but some of it's still available on Amazon, including the George Martin-produced Ludo from which the above comes. You might as well start big with the Bonzos as the three CD box set of everything they ever did Cornology is only seventeen of your English. That version of the John Cooper Clarke standard was recorded for the NME's famous C81 and is included only because our copy of the superb best of Word Of Mouth is near the bottom of an enormous, unshiftable pile of CDs, as is Reeves' I Will Cure You, although again that, erm, cover there is from an NME jolly, Ruby Trax. Luckily, or not depending on how you see it, we've filed elsewhere Mark and Lard's fondly regarded The Worst Album In The World...Ever...EVER!)


Chris Brown said...

I've found Vic Reeves' singing career pretty mistifying at the best of times, but how exactly did he get away with doing 'Vienna' for an album of Number One covers?
In case anyone else was wondering, the first Google hit I got for the full tracklisting was on a Curve website.

Thanks for the Bonzos track, BTW. It's on one of the discs I haven't got my own copy of.

Anonymous said...

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