Sunday, August 07, 2005

Single File: w/c 7/8

Blunt's still up there, of course, and with Stephen Fretwell being declared The New James Blunt on CD:UK this morning (not to be confused with Daniel Powter, still at 2, who is The New Maroon 5) the future is very much acoustic and wistful. Ah. Futurism is represented by Ciara at 4. According to Wikipedia crunk is "a mix of repetitive chants and drum machine rhythms", which sounds to the untrained musical layman - hello - like all machine turned soul groove. Kelly Clarkson's Strokes Lavigne act climbs back into the top five after five weeks as Texas enter at 6. Did you know Texas were back? Maybe this explains Chris Evans' return to radio. The Game enters at 8, people still unable to care that much about him when disavowed from 50 Cent.

Now here's chart ignominy. Lemar's first five singles charted at 2, 5, 9, 3 and 6, and everyone forgot where he came from. They'll remember now, as his paen to Straight Edge, or something similar, enters at 21. The Bodyrockers are hanging around for a ridiculous length of time as I Like The Way climbs back to 23 16 weeks in, which still makes them more popular than the Rakes, who slip back in the running with an entry at 28.

We were wondering the other day whether the forthcoming re-release of I Predict A Riot might be a proper number one challenger - it's their big anthem, it's getting a pile of airplay - but alongside a massive amount of new singles out on the same day we speculated that its current existance as a download might take the wind out of its sales prior to physical entry. And lookee here, it's back at 31. Why Speed Of Sound's back up 6 to 33, Amarillo's still hanging around or the Foos' Best Of You is back in we don't know, but Morning Runner have leapt upon this slowness of sale to enter at 39. Over in the albums charts Lee Ryan's been outsold by Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds, which equals its October 1978 best position of number 5. The chances of something coming back into the charts are a million... times more likely after the film's success, actually.

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