Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One day in your life

News of plans for a second Help album ten years after the first should remind people of an album that does tend to get forgotten about despite coming at an optimum time for British music. The challenge for 20 acts was to record one song each on September 4th 1995 for an album raising money for children affected by the Yugoslav war that went on sale on the 9th and selling 71,000 on its first day. It actually got nominated for the Mercury Music Prize the following year, Pulp beating it and then giving them the money anyway. What with technology they're looking to get it out quicker this time, following the new immunable law that all big charity events must be followed up on the first available anniversary. Still available via Warchild's music store, those initial pressings didn't have a tracklisting, such was the rush, so...

Oasis - Fade Away re-recorded B-side with all their mates of the time, Weller, Depp and Moss included

Boo Radleys - Oh Brother new Martin Carr song actually about his brother

Stone Roses - Love Spreads really rubbish jam re-recording of the single. Well, they'd taken long enough already with new material

Radiohead - Lucky The same version as on OK Computer, it was actually released on a Warchild Help EP but Radio 1 refused to play it, citing it as being "too depressing". All over them since, obviously

Orbital - Adnans Later turned up re-recorded for In Sides, here using TV news samples mixed in live

Portishead - Mourning Air Re-recorded for their second album two years later, which makes you wonder how short of ideas they were if they had to go back to this even then

Massive Attack - Fake The Aroma Karmacoma, essentially, but produced by Brian Eno

Suede - Shipbuilding That Shipbuilding, yes, produced by Elvis Costello's co-writer Clive Langer. I was once asked by an interested party if this was an Anderson/Butler original

Charlatans & The Chemical Brothers - Time For Livin' What photos does Tim Burgess have of Tom and Ed? Chosen ahead of Silver Machine, a cover of Sly and the Family Stone's last US top 40 single, from a time when Sly was in no mood for livin' with anyone.

Stereo MC's - The Sweetest Truth Four years after Connected, six before their next album. I see.

Sinead O'Connor - Ode To Billy Joe Bobbie Gentry's mawkish ballad given the Celtic twist, despite there being no Tallahatchie Bridge in Limerick that I know of

Levellers - Search Light Well, of course. A cover of a song by mate Rev Hammer

Manic Street Preachers - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Their first post-Richey recording, they'd done this Bacharach song live. Wire seemingly not wanted in the studio that day

Terrorvision - Tom Petty Loves Veruca Salt Surely they've done a sold out reformation tour by now?

One World Orchestra - The Magnificent Featuring The Massed Pipes And Drums Of The Children's Free Revolutionary Volunteer Guard, indeed. Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, in fact, with a Clash/film-sampling track later adopted as the anthem of Serbian rebel station Radio B92

Planet 4 Folk Quartet - Message To Crommie Andrew Wetherall's go, alongside On-U's Dave Harrow. Crommie was on answerphone, sadly.

Terry Hall & Salad - Dream A Little Dream Of Me Grumpster then in a career spike and eventual winners of most games of remembering makeweight Britpop bands do Mama Cass

Neneh Cherry & Trout - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 No idea either what this is or who Trout are, although their being named after Neneh's 1992 Michael Stipe duet is surely more than coincidence

Blur - Eine Kleine Lift Muzik Yes, we see what you've done there. An instrumental reworking of a Seymour-era song, apparently.

Smokin' Mojo Filters - Come Together Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Paul McCartney, Steve Craddock, Carleen Anderson (whither?) and Steve White, if you must know, doing the Beatles song. Radio played this one when it was on an EP.

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