Monday, January 09, 2017

STN Recommends: 9/1/17

We really weren't planning to post all the time, but TOO MUCH NEW MUSIC IS HAPPENING.

Sodastream - Three Sins

The Perth (Australia, not Scotland) duo made quite the splash on what we weren't really calling the indiepop scene yet back in the early 00s with their light, articulate post-Belle & Sebastian touch and smart arrangements around standard acoustic pop instrumentation. Understandably, their quiet corner was left with a noticeable hole following the announcement of their split in 2007. But now they're back! Back! Back! With a fifth album heralded by a track that slowly builds from sawing cellos and refined strumming to a glorious crescendo. Great to have them back. Little By Little is released on 3rd March.

AidenKeryn - Sunburn

Aiden is from Swansea, fourteen, our old friend Adam Walton was thoroughly over this on and around his show this weekend, and that's about the size of what's available about her. This first song is definitely something that promises we'll sooner or later know all about her, not dissimilar to a less misty Daughter in the inviting delicacy with a frosty edge to her vocal and the gorgeous, spacious arrangement very much around it. Reminder: FOURTEEN.

Gulp - Search For Your Love

Guto and Lindsey return to send psych-folk into space once more, a one-off 7" out on the 20th trembling and ethereal as it disappears into the atmosphere powered by sunspot pulses and vintage organs.

Ella - While You Are Away

Ella van der Woude is conservatoire trained, was in the continentally mildly successful Houses, records film soundtracks and has latterly been playing keyboards live as part of the Amber Arcades touring band. This track from a self-titled EP out next week brings her into a spotlight it sounds like she might not want to bathe in, the sparse fingerpicking helping bring an headspinning emotional heft towards a hymnal gorgeousness.

Tim's Rice - New Year, New You

This splendidly named project is by the powers combined of Euros Childs and Rosie Smith (Oh Peas!), based as you'd expect from the perssonel on immense amounts of charm and oddball concepts set to cheap keyboards and drum machine. Mixed Ability Pilates EP is out on Friday.

David Bowie - No Plan

This guy sounds good. Wonder if he's done much else.

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