Monday, January 30, 2017

STN recommends: 30/1/17

Keto - Superstar

Nottingham's Leah Sanderson is another one of those crystalline-voiced folk singers who sounds far too roadworn for her years, where the promise on the face of it seems boundless. Coupled with delicately fingerpicked guitar and backed by sympathetic strings her dusty richness nods at Marling, Cat Power and Will Oldham. She tours supporting Julia Jacklin from late February.

Deep Throat Choir - Ada

The recent Bella Union signings are driven by just vocals and percussion. Plenty of voices, though, a varying in number but substantial choir's worth formed by Luisa Gerstein of Landshapes (and that Cups thing, but never mind that) This is one of their songs reworked for mass harmonies, counter-harmonies and multiple parts, the cumulative effect being quite something. Debut album Be OK is released 17th February.

Idles - Stendhal Syndrome

"Did you see that painting that Rothko did?" That's best opening line of 2017 sorted, then. Typically pinpoint ire from a band whose debut album Brutalism is out March 10th.

Moon Duo - Cold Fear

The psych duo are onto their fourth album now, Occult Architecture released this Friday, based on the cycle of light and seasons through the theory of Yin and Yang. Or something like that. Whatever, their unfolding exploration of the outer edges, backed by pulsing, fuzzed up synth layers, is a paranoid night drive of a journey.

The Vryll Society - Sacred Flight

Liverpool's Vryll Society picked up some attention last year with a support slot on Blossoms' tour, but although that suggests a greater audience potential they're more slippery than that tends to come across these days, and while you hate to fall into Cosmic Scouse cliches their ready to soar psych-pop melodies with a certain easy groove edge into space-rock territory.

The Lightning Year - Endless Memory

It's very easy to get synth-driven buffed to a shine semi-psych-pop wrong, and we can probably give you a horde of tracks from our inbox to prove it. This debut single nails something about it, though, with its big ambitious sweep and big build to the euphoric finish.

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