Monday, September 01, 2014

Tigercats, Golden Fable, Ex Comets, yr friends

Tigercats - Junior Champion

First confirmed release for 2015! East London's infectious dreamers have signed to home of the hits Fortuna Pop! and will have second record Mysteries out in January. Well ahead of that, notice is served that they've grown up a bit, recruiting Paul Rains of Allo Darlin' as extra guitarist and bringing in a flute melody and triumphant sax parts from Terry Edwards (bringing his number of guest collaborations further into the low thousands) on a sophisticated shuffle that's still identifiably them, namechecking Bobby Fischer en route.

Golden Fable - Armour

A second album that will be out this year is Ancient Blue, out 10th November, which on this evidence sees the north Walians develop a bit of muscle behind Rebecca Palin's familiarly, enchantingly sprite-like vocals, electronics dialled back in favour of uneasily vibrating guitars, flirting in the process with darkwave or Low at their most jagged.

Ex Comets - Old Cool Red

Remember We Three And The Death Rattle? Among our tips for the year this January, they've already put that identity aside, doubled their numbers, claimed to be from Groom Lake (Area 51 to you) and emerged with a debut single, out on the 22nd, that reminds us of lost mid-00s art-rock conceptualists The Be Be See. In terms that other people might understand that means sci-fi synths, surf guitars, harmonies and underlying menace and dreaminess alike.

yr friends - Malibu

Yep, Alexei Berrow's got rent arrears/an overdraft/a council tax bill/all of the above and more* so he's got a new solo EP out. And yep, it's a Linkousesque Hole cover. Of course.

* based on previous assertions

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