Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hookworms, Zola Blood, Casual Sex, Everything By Electricity

Hookworms - The Impasse

Regular readers will know how much of a possibly certifiable weakness we have for tracks 'recorded by MJ' at his Suburban Home studios in Leeds, but we haven't written so much about those tracks he records with MB, JN, SS and JW. Altering that state of affairs is this monster from second album The Hum, out 10th November, a wall of aggressively focused noise that with MJ's familiarly roaring over-reverbed vocals sounds tailor made for blasting the paint off venue walls.

Zola Blood - Meridian

We now have faces and names for the once-anonymous band, but in a musical sense their second track remains elusive. Possibly illusive too, given the way its beats push on and attempt to keep it perky as the synths tune downwards and the guitar plucks its way to the depths.

Casual Sex - A Perfect Storm

OOH, CAREFUL GOOGLING THAT NAME, SIR! We'd put 'Glasgow band' on the end, that'd help. After a year spent touring with Franz Ferdinand and playing SXSW comes a 7" on the Sandberg brothers (of Wake The President fame)' We Can Still Picnic label that has the poise of playful art-rock with the riffs of a touring monster and the beat of a Casio.

Everything By Electricity - Abyss

Straight out of the synth-dreampop handbook, if held upside down, comes a London trio sporting a wash of plangent synths, pulsating beats, a rush of treated guitar and a vocal that's not too distance from Jonas of Mew's awkward falsetto. It doesn't shimmer as much as flood.

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