Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Honeyblood, Post War Glamour Girls, Emperor Yes, AUTOBAHN

Honeyblood - (I'd Rather Be) Anywhere But Here

The opening track from the duo's album out next week, to us it bears a passing resemblance to those tracks that got people excited about Best Coast, with its surf guitar sound and airy but secretly downbeat vocal. It's certainly not a ripoff, mind, a slow burner of the type we've not really heard from them before still with bared fangs constantly only just hidden as Stina and Shona get out of a town and populace they don't fit in any more. Plus there's a moment right before the final flourish where it nearly falls over completely, which neatly messes any smoothness up.

Post War Glamour Girls - Gustave

Not half a year after their debut album Pink Fur - a real sleeper hit of an album, if one can ever sleep on a record of gothic power that sounds constantly on the verge of a flurry of gut punches - comes a single due via the great Too Pure Singles Club on 1st September, which holds itself back just a little bit in dynamic intensity if very much not in Black Francis-spawned lyrical macabre and black theatrics.

Emperor Yes - Paramesse To Tanis

Newly signed to Alcopop! and produced by Jeremy Warmsley - ah, two of our triggers set off at once - Emperor Yes have had a couple of singles out before of their attempt to meld overheating analogue electronics (not for nothing do they share a member with Three Trapped Tigers) to sci-fi psychedelia. On this first single from album An Island Called Earth, out September 21st, things take quite the Flaming Lips turn by way of the Unicorns, melodies decorated in lurid shades and fed through a kaleidoscope lens. It sounds like its title, which is the least you can ask.

AUTOBAHN - Pale Skin

Third track in seven weeks to be posted on STN from the same EP, finally out as of yesterday, and here they head down the Eighties Matchbox more-than-mild peril tunnel - feral, guttural, sounding like it won't stop until it draws blood. Seeing Eagulls in October? Get there early.

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