Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Christian Fitness, DFA79, Blonde Redhead, Froth

Christian Fitness - Soft Power Itches

One more time, because people are always joining in - Christian Fitness is Andrew Falkous, and from that you're not too far away from guessing what it'll sound like, and also that it'll be of the highest, most caustic, most abrasive quality. The album is out... soon. Falco note: "when the album is released the button that allows you to pay more than the regular price is just for people who contributed to that potato salad kickstarter. You should also probably apologise to your parents."

Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979

They're back, just when you didn't really expect it. The Physical World, out over here September 8th, is still only their second album and if it does sometimes drift back towards the dance-punk settings that were around when they first emerged - there's some underlying synths here that Jesse could well have borrowed from the drawer marked 'MSTRKRFT' - they still sound like they ever did, that is to say frustrated vocals, rumbling bass and drums of danceable death.

Blonde Redhead - Dripping

It's about time the multinational, multiskilling New Yorkers put out something new; that new thing is Barragan, out 1st September, and a track that resembles the last Caribou record in the shade on a sweltering day, synths dipping in and out all over the place.

Froth - When We Get In

Still playing at the bottom of hometown four-band bills, which is about where all the underdog bands we really love hang out, maybe it's their shared Glasgow surroundings but the five youths of Froth are reminiscent of the idiosyncratically indiepop world of The Yummy Fur - scrappily endearing in a way that belies their writing, infectious pop-leaning hooks twisted beyond their means, prone to gang shouty vocals, keen on hanging out in the darker corners of the indie disco. There's a whole EP released back in February, The Girl Who Fell To Space. What happens next might be even more interesting.

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