Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elizabeth Morris - Optimism

Morris, pied piper figure of the current indiepop scene, is imminently moving to Italy. This doesn't mean Allo Darlin' are splitting, at least not imminently - in fact they've recently been recording their third album for release early next year, which from live outings sounds like the next step onwards, and have a handful of dates over the next couple of months. In the meantime Morris had written some more personal, piano-based songs while at home in Australia and wanting to get them down before leaving London recorded them (and a Wave Pictures cover) just two days ago chiefly on Darren Hayman's famous ship's piano for a four-track EP Optimism only available through Bandcamp. Spare, bruised and teetering on the precipice of emotional surety it's pretty clear these would never be full band songs but they bolster Morris' way with lyrical imagery and understanding what love is all about.

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