Friday, August 02, 2013

And the rest: His Clancyness/Islet/Mammoth Penguins

His Clancyness - Zenith Diamond
Just four and a half years or thereabouts since we first wrote about Jonathan Clancy's solo project he announces an album, Vicious out 7th October. Actually, maybe because it's now officially a trio, it sounds more in the A Classic Education wheelhouse than the drifting lilt of old, a chugging riff and driving motorik-ish rhythm pulling along an occasionally unwilling vocal, darker, psych-ier and punchier than what we'd heard before; that its producer Chris Koltay has worked with Bradford Cox and Liars makes perfect sense.

Islet - Tripping Through The Blue Room (Part II)
You imagine that when it came to recording Released By The Movement, out 14th October, producer Stephen 'Sweet Baboo' Black didn't so much do the intricate instrumentation setting up as scatter a few live mikes, press record and hope for the best. Sounding like it's been partially recorded through a wall, dark ambient washes, distantly obscured psychedelic sounds, tribal rhythms and no legible words at all, suggesting alongside first taster Triangulation Station that this may be an even more elusive record than Illuminated People.

Mammoth Penguins - Propped Up By Affection
Not a name you'll be familiar with but a voice you might, that being of Emma Kupa, most recently one third of Without Feathers but more notably late of Standard Fare and now of, well, a scrappy indie-rock trio, more raw and cocksure but with the questioning heart intact. Just a set of demos for the time being but they sound confident and ready for battle.

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