Thursday, February 07, 2013

Gun Outfit - Flyin' Low, Maria

We seem to have only mentioned Olympia, Washington's Gun Outfit once before on here and that in a list, but their bass-free SST-slacker sound has more often than not been pretty great. Let's sort that lack of promotion out with the first track from Hard Coming Down, their third album for PPM Records (Barr, Best Coast, Abe Vigoda) PPM is Dean Spunt of No Age's label and you see what he saw in this driving take on their kind of drilled-down lo-fi attack, intersecting dual guitars facing off. More streamlined than before, somewhere in the range of a more ragged around the edges Throwing Muses via, say, Sebadoh, the claimed folk influence is for once audible in Carrie Keith's impassioned, not unlike Patti Smith (or, ahem, Courtney Love) vocal.

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