Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beaty Heart - Seafood

Bands have got to have time to write and record albums, we appreciate, but it still feels like quite a while since we last heard from the visually-artistically inclined trio - sixteen months since their last track on STN, at any rate. That suggested album is out later in the year; firstly, available on limited edition cassette, almost of course, through Heart Throb Records' Bandcamp, is a drum circle of joy touched by a simmering Animal Collective with greater spacial awareness amid the sort of shuffling African hi-life influences that may hae been more de rigeur in London three or four years ago but in the right hands still work a percussively bouncy treat. Forthcoming dates of interest include Shacklewell Arms on March 1st, Southampton Joiners on the 8th, Notting Hill Arts Club on the 12th and a single launch at White Heat come April 9th.

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