Monday, October 15, 2012

T.O.Y.S - Make Luv/The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Consume Me

Two forthcoming releases on Odd Box, an indiepop label with a go-to high batting average of noisy lo-fi charge. T.O.Y.S. you should know from Doesn't Your Balloon Ever Land? - in fact the track they contributed to that was an exclusive from this EP, the cunningly titled EP2 - and the other five tracks here are equally adept at crossbreeding Neu! droning charge and freaked out garage fuzz to enthralling ends.

The Blanche Hudson Weekend, who like T.O.Y.S are part of the Manhattan Love Suicides diaspora, are meanwhile releasing Deep Thrust EP, which slightly confusingly is being advertised as a single from a forthcoming album and two B-sides. Their J&MC feedback quotient has been toned down to reveal the dark hearted core, something that'd fit in with the more widely lauded nouveau likes of Pins in its command of quasi-confrontational, Raincoats inflected post-punk whirling with a Primitives/Darling Buds-like pop desire somewhere underneath which eventually impacts and lets the bloody mindedness run free.

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