Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Johnny Foreigner - 3 Hearts

So after a Twitter gag relating to comeback tours which has led to Alexei being asked to this day whether they're about to break up or what, JoFo are putting out a new EP next week by the name of NAMES (all capitals, we're all assured) The new four-strong lineup has been putting on some incendiary shows of late and this first taster melds usual tropes - tappy solo, Kelly as understanding yang to Lex's existential yin, talky bit, false ending - to a invigorating set of joyous mortar explosions of guitar and divebombing everybody-emo-shouty-together peaks. Labelled 'Weezercore', intriguingly. If you're British you can preorder it from Alcopop, and as it's an Alcopop release it's nothing as dull as a physical format, instead alongside a set of badges.

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