Tuesday, May 08, 2012


To note: the STN Tumblr has been relaunched at sweeping-the-nation.tumblr.com/, and that's where you'll find the new tracks from now on, this blog left for more general news and feature stuff. Yes, there will actually be some of that. As a sideline Music Of Quality And Distinction has been launched to act as a repository for online vintage clips of interest.

In other news, following the Great Escape preview the other day STN and nine other UK bloggers have contributed to Hype Machine's artist picks feature. To elucidate on why you should trust our judgement for once:

DZ Deathrays (Saturday, 22:15, Horatios)
The album may be a touch undistinguished and one-thrash but live the pair intuitively spark like a sub-station

Friends (Thursday, 21:15, Horatios; Friday, 21:00, The Haunt)
They've got their cool-as-Brooklyn multi-handed slender while still full arrythmic percussive synth-funk on

Maybeshewill (Saturday, 22:15, Psychosocial Basement) (hmm, same time as DZ Deathrays, I seem to have been hoist by my own petard)
Newly live-expanded instrumental powerhouse capable of turnup-flapping volume next to passages of semi-ambient emotiveness

Niki & The Dove (Thursday, 22:15, Horatios)
Layered, aereated electronic pop oddness which for once makes more sense live where the atmosphere can turn mystic

Tall Ships (Saturday, 13:00, Pav Tav downstairs; Saturday, 22:15, The Hope)
Technically tricksy, hard-pumping loop-friendly complex riffola with the odd moment of becalmed beauty

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