Monday, May 07, 2012

Doctrines/A Fine Day For Sailing/The Holiday Crowd/Bear Driver

Taking the opportunity of the bank holiday for a bit of a clearout of accumulated new songs, three from bands new to STN, one who've had a couple of mentions down the years.

Doctrines - Climbing Yggdrasil (Everybody Loves Ray Kay)

From the new Big Scary Monsters sampler Making Music's For Pussies #001 (free with a T-shirt, which seems almost entirely wrong given the compilation includes Tall Ships, Shoes And Socks Off and Bear Cavalry), Manchester's Doctrines have just signed to the mighty Alcopop!, bringing with them hefty amounts of Japandroids' impacted ferocity, Titus Andronicus' bar-room cluster bombing and only just enough screamo for it not to matter too much.

None of these other three sound like that.

A Fine Day For Sailing - Little Places

Big melodic Sarah Records-like summer smash from indiepop bill mainstays with extra heroic solo trumpet voluntaries, out in limited numbers on May 16th.

The Holiday Crowd - Never Speak Of It Again

From Toronto, a moody jangle flitting somewhere between Cats On Fire's post-Smiths doomed romanticism and Echo & The Bunnymen-ish big room introspection.

Bear Driver - Enemy

Dialling back their previous reliance on strength in mini-grandiosity numbers Broken Social Sceneisms, the new single ahead of their June 11th self-titled debut album following more the Apples In Stereo/Built To Spill route of psyched out power-pop via a dense folky intuition.

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