Monday, May 16, 2011

Tracklist: Tall Ships - Hit The Floor

So angular it's actively impressionistic math-pop is the universal currency, it seems. Now Falmouth has a fine exponent of its own, one Big Scary Monsters are looking after at that. Fed through with the sort of guitars that deviate just when you think you've got the mark of them, they're as frantic and hyper as they are technically gifted after a Dananananaykroyd style with the fightiness thoroughly cut up and uncarefully rearranged. The ever spiralling and crescendoing tightly coiled riffs that pile on top of what most bands would call a middle eight and continuing into the conclusive rush as if they were the most natural motif sounds like tossing off what would be the life's work of many a lesser band.

Hit The Floor by Tall Ships

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