Monday, May 30, 2011

Tracklist: Knifeworld - Pilot Her

It's easy to believe Knifeworld founder Kavus Torabi, who launched this as a solo project before bringing five colleagues on board for their forthcoming second album, used to be guitarist in the Cardiacs. That band's spirit of psychedelic vaudeville driving post-prog-punk attitude into a ditch couldn't be better served in the wake of Tim Smith's sad health circumstances. Careering with a sense of purpose through richocheting, galloping organ and vocal harmony fragments before crashing into a shouty chorus-lite, from where a crunchy guitar sound rockets through several layers of stratosphere while trying to keep its melody earthed somehow. Then there's a carousel-like bassoon and sax breakdown. Obviously. This leads the Dear Lord, No Deal EP, out 4th July.

Knifeworld - Pilot Her by abadgeoffriendship

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