Monday, April 11, 2011

Tracklist: Spring Offensive - A Stutter And A Start

Here's a band that like to keep florid bloggers like ourselves on our toes. Their last single was 14 minutes long and inspired by Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' theory of the Grief Cycle, and before that was an EP bound in rope that contained songs about Alan Turing and eating the contents of a wallet. This one, out today, is about "someone spending hours freezing in a car on the side of the road, making excuses rather than facing confrontation with a lover waiting alone in a restaurant", and the artwork features the names of everybody who downloaded their limited edition acoustic EP and a booklet that can be coloured in, pencils enclosed. The music? Post-Foals Afro-edged guitars and rhythms, stream of conscious lyrics that still form a story of sorts and some sort of angular alt-pop triumphant march at the end.

Spring Offensive - A Stutter and a Start by PopNoodleRadar

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