Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tracklist: Fixers - Crystals

Somehow Fixers have landed themselves a major label deal. Perhaps Vertigo thought they're an electropop band because they have keyboards front and centre on stage. This certainly doesn't come across as radio friendly unit shifting if by any band without MGMT's early self-created populist mystique. At the start it briefly imagines it's going to be Clinic, then headlong dives right into a psychedelia stew of whirling colours, bouncy rhythms, fizzing freak-pop microclimate melodies and the same kind of west coast harmonies that's made their work to date stand a little even further out. The EP this is on, the unpromisingly titled Here Comes 2001 So Lets Head For The Sun, is out 9th May.

Crystals by Fixers.

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