Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tracklist: The Wave Pictures - Little Surprise

This is officially the quadrillionth album of David Tattersall songs to have been released in the last five years, so well done to him on that achievement. More than that, it's their third for Moshi Moshi and following 'the electric properly studio recorded one' and 'the acoustic recorded in downtime while David was writing songs for someone else one' comes 'the one musically somewhere in the middle recorded in Darren Hayman's kitchen'. Because it was, all in one day/take and often sounding like they were all hanging on to each other making it up on the spot. Beer In The Breakers is out on April 18th. This first offering kind of sounds like a louche over-read indie trio, because that's what they are all the time, and seems quite dark against the relatively jaunty and almost jangly backing. Don't worry, Tattersall still finds room for some twiddly guitar heroics at the end.

The Wave Pictures - Little Surprise by moshi moshi music

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