Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tracklist: Pris - Crying After Kennedy

Accelerating across the poposphere - is there such a word? There is now - "car crash Blondie drunk on Lambrini" (band's own description) Pris are the natural successors to the lineage of Dolly Mixture, Transvision Vamp and Shampoo through to the Chalets and early Long Blondes of big ol' trashy leopardskin print, bubblegum, spunk (no, not that definition, the metaphorical one) and secretly crying in the fizzbomb pop rain over girl group compilations and Debbie Harry posters. Of course, unlike those bands, the self described, and the caps lock is important here, "HORMONAL GUTTER POP/POST-PUNK" kids have a direct outlet for their wind-up quoteability, but otherwise everything is as it should be right down to lyrical references to make-up, Manics support, Everett True salivation and there being four of them but the drummer's male so he doesn't appear in the publicity shots. So yeah, a Tens Kenickie, and while we always argue that band were far smarter and emotionally complex then they'd ever let on to Select magazine journalists we can't pretend there wouldn't be a hefty overlap and the suspicion that underneath a Facebook influences list that shouts "SHORT SKIRTS & HOTPANTS", "HATE", "FANZINES", "KNEE HIGH BOOTS", "MADONNA WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG", "BRET EASTON ELLIS" and a Bukowski quote is much, much more waiting to be unlocked.

Crying After Kennedy by I Love Pris

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