Monday, June 21, 2010

Short music for the longest day

Formerly Edinburgh based Fuzzystar is friends with our old, currently in semi-hiatus, favourite Kat Flint and follows a not dissimilar path of very clean and clear yet not quite straightforward indie-folk - those who downloaded the couple of My First Tooth mp3s we've had up on the site in the past will be across what's going on, or fans of It Hugs Back or the Candle Thieves; others, on a grander scale, have mentioned Sufjan, Lou Barlow, Elliott Smith and the Lemonheads. This is from their self-released debut EP Late Night Radio.

Fuzzystar - Even At My Worst

If you're of much rougher stock, Alright The Captain (“heat fuzzed out surf to twisted funk to stylised angular heaviness. Something for everyone who likes having their cerebral cortexes turned inside out while they wait!” - Sweeping The Nation) have put their 123.EP up for free Bandcamp download.

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Mbop Promotions said...

Lovely stuff - happy solstice!