Saturday, June 26, 2010

Playlist additions 26/6/10

  • Cold Seeds - King [stream via No Modest Bear]
    A lo-fi collaborative record between Kenny 'King Creosote' Anderson, Neil and Pete off Meursault and handling most of the vocal duties the so far little regarded but that won't last long Frances Donnelly AKA Animal Magic Tricks, who also hauntingly covers Meursault's Crank Resolutions. Buy the album, why don't you.

  • Coltrane Motion - Only Again [YouTube]
    Album blogged about here. Just realised we didn't mention the surface similarly between a lot of this and MGMT's Congratulations.

  • Maximum Balloon - Tiger [Myspace] [Spotify]
    David Sitek goes disco! A nasty, bass-y, block party kind of alt-disco which proves the gap between them (this) and us (Kele). Also the music off that Daisy Lowe video. YOU KNOW WHICH ONE.

  • Moscow Youth Cult - Girls Of Boredom [Myspace] [YouTube live]
    Album blogged about here, which looks suspiciously familiar

  • Pet Milk - Cherry Outline [mp3 via Skatterbrain]
    This week's star retro fuzzbomb indiepop comes from some Philadelphians whose six-track demo you can download for free from Bandcamp. More than a little hint towards The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, granted, but also the kind of lo-fi compressed stretch we've seen half-heartedly grasped at too often to know that they do it just right. Now, if only unlike other bands in this sphere they can make a go of it in a studio at a fuller length.

  • Shoes And Socks Off - Psychological Tinnitus [YouTube]
    Tracks from Tobias Hayes' fourth album are being made into various video forms and posted to Big Scary Monsters' YouTube presence weekly. Sounds intriguing so far, as SASO's home-made acoustic intimately rumbustuous works tend to.

  • Spencer McGarry Season - Great Enemies [Myspace] [Vimeo]
    From what sounds like a tremendously idiosyncratic second album, styled as a big baroque musical production. It sounds like Field Music and late period XTC and Sparks and everything else in the world, perhaps.

  • Stop Eject - I Am A Social Network [Myspace] [YouTube]
    They're close to fellow Nottingham dwellers Love Ends Disaster! (they're playing together at Spanky Van Dykes on 6th August), which figures as there's something similar going on here - clearly it's just brooding post-punk, but it feels like something else, something more fulfilling than a stopover on the journey to White Lies valhalla is going on

  • This Many Boyfriends - I Should Be A Communist [Myspace] [YouTube (live)]
    Just as we were writing this we discovered their drummer has left, which is the sort of reverse midas touch only our support can usually bring about on a young band. Anyway, file under jangly. Debut EP out July 5th.

  • The Vaselines - I Hate The 80s [YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    They, by which we mean Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee plus two Belle & Sebastians and one of the 1990s, are releasing a second proper album, Sex With An X, on September 13th. Oh, only the same day as new albums by Interpol, Les Savy Fav, Grinderman, The Walkmen and Edwyn Collins, then. Anyway, it sounds like they never left off, except somehow more so.
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