Thursday, April 15, 2010

We're not an mp3 blog any more, remember

On the other hand, some people send you mp3s you can't resist from posting. One such electronic missive came from Erik Sandberg, partly to bring news that the STN favourites he fronted, Wake The President, have joined the ever lengthening list of bands we went fully into battle for only to meet a wall of general apathy and watch die. Erik and brother Bjorn have though started a new band and are recording with Paul Savage with a view to a release next year.

Meanwhile the twins' Say Dirty label is releasing a split 7". On one side are The Sexual Objects, the appealingly falling apart current project of Fire Engines/Win/Nectarine No.9 frontman Davy Henderson. On the other, a Glasgow band who did a Marc Riley session on Tuesday, formed by a member of mid-90s post-riot grrl screamers Lung Leg, earning a bit of localised credit for their jangling, full bodied assault on new wave-y (circa Altered Images) guitar pop. And yeah, this is the Myspace.

Peter Parker - Pretty Living

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