Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday presents V

Formed from the ashes of the much admired Deirdres and Lardpony, Of Mice And Mental Arithmetic are an instrument swapping delight of expansive indiepop thrills. They've delved admirably deep too, for a track from Mew's Denmark-only second album from 2000, Half The World Is Watching Me, and one of the few tracks on it not re-recorded for their international breakthrough Frengers.

Of Mice And Mental Arithemtic - Mica

And alongside that, Sophie from OMAMA passed on this cover. We don't know a lot about this person, except that he may be connected to Derby's piratical wonders Seas Of Mirth, but we know it takes some cojones to strip Animal Collective back this far.

Major Kid Sun - Peacebone

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