Thursday, July 02, 2009

Young lovers

It's too warm for lots of typing, so a quick heads up for The Young Playthings. Those with long memories may recall they released one of our favourite under the radar albums of 2007, Who Invented Love? At the time we described them as "a Weezer/Superchunk-esque power-pop outfit reimagining a David Lynch soundtrack". Their new album Back To The Future is definitely their Pinkerton in that case, less of the power end of the spectrum, darker and more lyrically poetically awkward, grown up and trying to work out the work-life balance if still imbued with the electric (and a couple on acoustic) sound of joy. It sounds like they've been listening to a lot of modern R&B for one thing, judging by a couple of tracks; at other times you'll think of Modest Mouse or a hungover Replacements. The press release calls it "a pop album with a punk rock heart". Yeah, that'll do.

The Young Playthings - Kiss Yr Voice

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