Sunday, July 05, 2009

Visual aid

Filler embeds, we're afraid. We do try and keep a steady hand on the tiller via the Sweep when it comes to STN-approved videos, but just recently labels and artists have been issuing clips for songs long released. Let's use this opportunity to rein some of that back in.

Dirty Projectors, for instance. How to approach the avant-something collective's throwing together of Amber Coffman's Mariah vocal cadences, one of those mad productions Aaliyah and Brandy used to get, and half a Talking Heads mix played backwards and looped? With Dave Longstreth herding a llama and the girls in jumpsuits exerting some hidden memory of a collective dance step. Obviously.

Owner of a place in the Sweep for about six straight years with this single, Rose Elinor Dougall sings of loneliness in the face of other people's love, of being the third and hence unwanted wheel in a once loving relationship. The director of her video pitches her a long, unspoken walk to the beach and images of bearing up or otherwise to a new singularity. She brings the rest of her band along to the shoot. Don't quite understand that logic.

It's all (well, two out of three so far) newly solo'd artists this week. Lord Cut-Glass is Alun Woodward, formerly the grit to Emma Pollock's half of this doomed simile in the Delgados. What we've heard of his same-titled debut on his own is highly interesting quirkpop fest. Somewhere in here is the dark heart that complemented Pollock's piano reveries.

Incidentally, there's a good number of Delgados videos on ver 'Tube. Even this one, which we didn't even know was a single.

What else? Well, this lot have a new video and it's not made it to 200 views in its first nine days up so...

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